Margaret Matthews

Margaret Matthews_Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital

Margaret suffered a head injury when she tripped at a restaurant. To return home safely, she needed rehabilitation and chose NCRH.

Margaret Matthews, 72, enjoys a quiet, peaceful, retired life with her husband of 50 years, Jim. Together, they live in Windsor, CO, and spent the past 38 years caring for their family. For the past 16 years, Margaret has enjoyed participating in a ladies’ investment group. Together, the couple enjoys going to conditioning class. They also enjoy dining at their favorite restaurants.

Out for a meal one night, Margaret tripped over a folded-up carpet on the ground. She fractured her right ring finger in the fall and hit her head. Margaret remembers the entire accident. Jim brought her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma.

Due to the injury, Margaret would need rehabilitation to safely return home. She chose Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital for her recovery. Many of their friends and family had been patients at NCRH. Margaret and Jim knew she would have an intensive therapy regimen at NCRH.

Jim would be a major influence on Margaret’s recovery. Every day, Jim was with his wife, sharing meals and supporting her. His support allowed Margaret to focus on her recovery.

Margaret also acknowledged the support of the staff at NCRH. “The nurses are so upbeat with a positive attitude,” she noted. “They are always smiling and helpful. The therapists are so patient and know when you are exhausted. And the food was fantastic. They were able to cater to my gluten-free diet.”

“I love how I was treated like an individual!”

Having put in the hard work, Margaret was able to discharge home with Jim. She looks forward to spending more time with him and getting out more often.