Ray Lafflam

After two years of unsuccessful treatment for back pain, Ray Lafflam underwent surgery, followed by rehab at NCRH.

For the last 22 years, Ray Lafflam has been enjoying retirement. He loves to go camping, make fruit wine, and do woodworking. Ray, 75, lives with his wife in a fifth wheel RV in Loveland, CO. For two years, he was president of his Winnebago club.

But the last two years have been difficult for Ray, as he struggled with chronic lower back pain. Conservative attempts at managing the pain failed, so Ray elected to have an L2-pelvis fusion. After surgery, Ray chose to come to Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital.

Ray chose NCRH for several reasons. Not only did the hospital come recommended, but he had a few friends that had been patients at NCRH and had a great experience. It also didn’t hurt that NCRH was close to the RV park where Ray lives.

Regardless of why Ray chose NCRH, he’s glad he did. He loves how the hospital provides three hours of therapy each day, stating “you won’t heal unless you work hard!”

Ray also praised the staff effusively.

“Dr. Whitek always listened to my health problems and did what he could to resolve them,” Ray shared. “The nurses have been great at giving me pain medications on a regular schedule. The therapists were excellent and I love how the therapy gym had such a fantastic assortment of machines and equipment.”

For Ray, success means he’s no longer hurting. After completing his home study, Ray discharged home from NCRH. He’s excited to be back in familiar surroundings with his wife and dog. And he can’t wait to go camping again, as it’s been more than two years since his last trip!

“I am so excited to get back to what retirement life should be like…and, of course, my wife’s cooking!”