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Jesse Martinez

Jesse Martinez trusted both NCLTAH and NCRH with his care after suffering from a subdural hematoma and acute respiratory failure.

Jesse Martinez is 57 years old and lived in Denver, Colorado, working full-time for the city. He spends all the time he can with his family. He and his wife, Dawn, have three daughters and two grandchildren. Jesse taps into his creative side through music and used to work as a DJ. He also loves making art and enjoys watching football. He’s a huge Raiders fan.

On a day like any other, Jesse started experiencing a horrible headache. He went to an acute care hospital where they told Jesse he was suffering from a subdural hematoma and acute respiratory failure. His family chose to continue his recovery at Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital.

Jesse was appreciative of the support he received from the staff. “Everybody was so positive and helpful! The housekeeping staff always made me feel at home. The doctors and nurses were so positive.”

Although he improved, Jesse wasn’t quite ready to return home. He transferred to Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital to begin rehab. He was just as impressed with the NCRH staff as he was with NCLTAH. “Every staff member was so friendly and nice! I didn’t have one bad experience, and everyone always made me feel comfortable. When I went home, I really missed everyone. They were just like my family.”

Jesse discharged home in July and moved to Loveland, Colorado, with his family. He is now retired, enjoying his peaceful life with his family. He’s happy to be around music again and is fixing up an old Chevy 1964.

“If it wasn’t for getting my care at these two facilities, I don’t know where I would be,” Jesse stated.

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Linda Flores

Linda Flores appreciated the hard work and encouragement from her care team while she recovered from a stroke.

Linda Flores and her husband Steven have lived in Loveland, Colorado for the past eight years. Married for 49 years, Linda and Steven love to spend time with their three children and three grandchildren. In her retirement, Linda enjoys gardening, being a homemaker, and camping in her motorhome.

Linda suffered a right posterior cerebral artery stroke and chose to recover at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. She heard great things about their care and knew it would be easier for her family to recover closer to home.

Immediately impressed with her team of therapists, Linda felt motivated to work hard every day. She stated, “The therapists are very dedicated. They kept encouraging me and they are all so patient and very positive! The nurses, PCTs, and doctors were excellent. They are available at all times showing incredible teamwork.”

Linda is thankful to everyone at NCRH for their hard work, determination, and emotional support. As she continues her recovery at home, Linda looks forward to picking up old hobbies like gardening. She’s also excited to be around her family and dogs once again.

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