Butch Anderson

Butch built a life he loved but was met with complications after an elective spinal surgery that required continued care.

Butch Anderson has lived a fulfilling life, one he describes as fantastic! At 75-years-old, he lives in Brush, CO with his dog, Maggie, where he owns and operates a contract handyman business. In his spare time, Butch enjoys fishing, camping, and spending time with his son.

Recently, the life Butch built and came to love had to pause for elective spinal surgery. The surgery addressed his cervical myelopathy, or compression of the spinal cord in the neck. Unfortunately, Butch experienced complications post-surgery including acute hypoxic respiratory failure that required extended care.

Butch’s physician recommended Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. He and his family did their research and spoke with a liaison from the hospital. When Butch learned that NCRH is ranked in the Top 10% of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in the United States, his decision was made.

“With that kind of award, you know you will be getting a great facility,” Butch stated.

When Butch first arrived at NCRH, he was anxious that his condition would not improve. “I came in wondering if I would ever return home, but NCRH helped me to really understand that I could!” He worked hard with his team of therapists and appreciated their support and dedication to his recovery.

“Speech therapy helped me so much and gave me wonderful resources and great education. Dr. Witek was great and came to visit me every day. I enjoyed his positive attitude.”

After a month at NCRH, Butch has made great progress. He explained, “I have not met anyone here that I don’t respect. Everyone goes above and beyond to help!” Excited to return home, Butch looks forward to picking up his old hobbies and can’t wait to be back with his beloved dog.