Success Stories

Joe Trujillo

Joe and Roxana developed a family-like bond with the staff at NCRH while he recovered from a stroke.

Before his health took a turn for the worse, Joe Trujillo was enjoying life. Joe worked as a team leader in x-ray film production and enjoyed riding his motorcycle and going camping. Joe, 63, has been married to Roxana for 38 years. Together, they have six children, nine grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Joe’s difficult health journey began when he was diagnosed with a carotid body tumor. This is a mass that grows in the blood vessels near the large arteries in either side of the neck. Treatment involved surgery to remove the tumor. But after surgery, things only got worse for Joe when he suffered a stroke.

Following the stroke, Joe’s prognosis was poor. Doctors at the acute care hospital began preparing Roxana for the likelihood that Joe wouldn’t survive. But a few days later, Joe awoke. He told Roxana that he loved her and wanted to go home.

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Shirley Surface

Shirley trusted NCRH to help her get back to her family after a stroke

Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Shirley Surface moved to Colorado in 1989. Shirley, 82, now lives in Loveland with her oldest daughter, husband, and two other daughters. She loves caring for her family and spends her free time walking, crocheting, and knitting.

One day, Shirley lost her balance at home and fell. Her daughter took her to the hospital, where Shirley was diagnosed with a stroke. After researching facilities for her recovery, Shirley’s family chose Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital.

“The rehab program has been very good!” Shirley stated. “I am pleased with the nurses. They help me right away and never leave my side. Tanner Mendel, PTA, has been so helpful in helping me to strengthen my legs for transfers. And Dr. Witek and Nancy, PA, have been so helpful in providing me with stroke education. Plus, the food has been good, with lots of choices!”

Thanks to her hard work and the clinical expertise of the staff at NCRH, Shirley made significant progress in her recovery and returned home to her family right before Christmas, much to everyone’s delight.

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Craig Horton

Remembering the acronym FAST, Angela was able to realize that Craig was having a stroke.

Craig and Angela Horton have lived in Fort Collins for the last 50 years and have been married for the last 27. Craig is semi-retired, working as a consultant. The couple spends their free time traveling, doing yard work, walking, and going to the mountains, where they have a cabin. They also enjoy spending time with their two adult children.

Sitting in his front yard one day, Craig started to feel like his left fingers weren’t working. Angela knew the acronym FAST, used to remember the signs of a stroke: facial drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty, and time). She immediately got Craig to the acute care hospital, where doctors confirmed that Craig had a hemorrhagic stroke and performed a craniotomy.

To regain his function and independence following his stroke, Craig transferred to Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. His mother had been at NCRH years ago and received great care, so he knew it was a good decision.

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Robert Magin

Robert, 80, chose NCRH to help him learn to walk again following a diagnosis of transverse myelitis

At 80 years old, Robert Magin lived a more active life than people half his age. Robert enjoyed working as a special education paraprofessional for kindergarten through fifth grade and with Project Launch, an afterschool program for third graders focusing on literacy and math. Robert has been married 49 years and has a daughter and two grandchildren. He loved to take camping trips with his travel trailer and fly fishing in the North Platte and Poudre Rivers.

Then, one July day, Robert’s life dramatically changed when he woke up unable to walk. After admitting to the acute care hospital, Robert underwent eight days of extensive testing. The results provided a diagnosis of transverse myelitis, an inflammation of the spinal cord.

To regain his function and independence, Robert needed intensive inpatient rehabilitation. He chose Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital (NCRH) for his recovery, close to his home in Lafayette.

“This was the best choice,” Robert said as he reflected on his experience at NCRH. “The smoothest operation I have seen. The staff worked as a team, and I was very impressed by their thoroughness. They met all my needs and had great meals for my diet.”

During his time at NCRH, Robert made significant gains in his recovery from spinal cord injury. “PT and OT got me from not walking to now wiggling my toes, and provided me with great exercises to do that will eventually help me walk again,” he shared.

“This place is the gold standard of care!”

Robert also enjoyed the supportive, community-like atmosphere at the rehabilitation hospital. “I love going to the dining room and meeting other patients. Great socialization experience.”

Though Robert is still on his recovery journey, he can’t wait to go home in the future and looks forward to walking again!

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Sharon Benson

Sharon knew immediately NCRH was the place to recover from the injuries she sustained in a car accident

Last year, Sharon Benson retired from working full-time. She’s enjoyed retirement and kept busy with small jobs such as delivering food, house- and dog-sitting, and doing photography for a local business. The 66-year-old lives on a half-acre in Greeley, where she enjoys gardening, repairing yard equipment, and fixing up her house.

Then one day, Sharon was in a car accident. Hit on the driver’s side, she sustained a traumatic brain injury, rib fractures, and a pulmonary contusion.

Sharon knew where she wanted to be for her recovery: Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. “It’s the best place around!” she said. “The best therapy. The best outcomes. Highly-educated staff. And lower nurse-to-patient ratio.”

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Donald Holland

Donal’s extensive injuries left him in need of rehabilitation

Donald Holland is a 56-year-old widower who has enjoyed his time traveling the country as a semi-trailer truck driver. When he’s not driving his truck, Donald enjoys playing golf and caring for his four cats and four parrots. But while driving from Virginia to California, he was involved in a major motor vehicle accident when another vehicle pulled in front of him near the Nebraska-Wyoming border.

Donald arrived in a nearby emergency room with extensive injuries. His injuries included four broken ribs, broken bones in his hand, two broken fingers, a crack to his left leg bone, and a shattered pelvis.

His doctors told him that it was a miracle he hadn’t been paralyzed.

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Bob Mogus

Bob and his wife are thrilled they chose NCRH for his stroke rehabilitation

Robert (Bob) Mogus has lived in Sterling, Colorado, his entire life. Bob, 73, is retired and loves playing golf. He also loves being with his wife, with whom he is about to celebrate 50 years of marriage. Bob is a father of three, grandfather of five, and great-grandfather of three. He loves doing yard work and, above all, spending time with his spouse.

One day, Bob woke up from sleeping to find his right leg and arm were numb. They wouldn’t move. Further concerning, Bob’s speech was slurred. He was taken to the acute care hospital and diagnosed with a stroke.

Bob’s case manager at the acute care hospital recommended Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital (NCRH). NCRH had a good reputation, and Bob and his wife liked the location. So they decided to go along with the case manager’s recommendation and transfer to NCRH.

“What a fantastic place!” Bob stated about NCRH. “The therapists were great! They really worked me hard so I can go home.”

“Dr. Witek and Dr. Asadi are great physicians and took outstanding care of me,” Bob continued. “The nursing staff was beyond fantastic. The food was good! My case manager, Celeste Coraggio, really helped me with all the paperwork and kept me informed all the time of what was going on with my discharge plan.”

“There’s not a single bad thing I can say about NCRH!”

Bob was filled with excitement as he prepared to discharge home from NCRH. He looks forward to getting home with his wife and family. Bob is now walking with a cane and has full movement of his right arm. Bob also looks forward to seeing his golden retriever, Duke.

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Janet Smith

Janet is reunited with Daisey after recovering from a stroke at NCRH

Janet Smith, 79, moved to Windsor, Colorado in 2018 to be closer to her three daughters and five grandchildren. Before the move, Janet lived in Idaho with her husband, who passed away. She loves living in her retirement community where she attends church, exercise classes, and does water aerobics. Janet also walks two miles a day with her dog, Daisey, and enjoys making chocolate chip cookies and eating ice cream, and the company of her many friends.

During one of her exercise classes, Janet began to feel unwell. Thankfully, a retired nurse in the class made sure Janet got medical attention. Brought to the acute care hospital, Janet was diagnosed with a stroke and left-sided weakness.

Upon discharge from the acute care hospital, Janet chose Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital for her recovery. The rehab hospital is close both to Janet’s home and her family.

“Every employee was so nice and happy!” Janet said about her time and NCRH. She sang the praises of every department. “The food was great! The kitchen staff was so happy and always more than willing to accommodate my diet preferences! The therapy was so fun! Everyone was always smiling. And the nurses were wonderful, attentive, and happy. They would always make me feel like more than just a patient, but a friend!”

“I just loved how every one of the staff members always cared about my experience and asked questions to ensure I was doing well my entire stay.”

Having made significant improvements, Janet excitedly discharged home to Daisey. To continue advancing her recovery, Janet completed outpatient therapy at NCRH. She keeps her exercises on the fridge at her apartment, has resumed walking two miles per day, and is enjoying life with her friends and family.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better place to go. I recommend NCRH for the positive atmosphere!”

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Doug Harsha

Doug looks forward to walking his daughter down the aisle without an assistive device

Doug Harsha had big plans. His daughter was getting married, and the father of the bride looked forward to walking her down the aisle.

But as Doug looked forward to that special day, his plans were interrupted. On February 1st, Doug had a stroke at his home in Loveland, Colorado.

Before his stroke, Doug lived an active and independent life, working as a network engineer contractor for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The 70-year-old loves following SpaceX, reading, having coffee with friends, and going to church. Doug and his wife, Jonni, have been married for 37 years and have two daughters.

While in the acute care hospital, it became clear Doug wouldn’t be able to resume his active lifestyle without intensive rehabilitation. A physician friend recommended Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital, a Stroke Center of Excellence.

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Makhan Singh

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. At least 3.6 million people in the U.S. sustain a brain injury each year.

Makhan’s experience at NCRH recovering from a brain injury was “nothing but great!”

Before his brain injury, Makhan Singh enjoyed retired living in Denver, Colorado. He relished the time spent with his wife of 45 years, his boys, and four grandchildren. In addition, Makhan loves his annual vacation to India, where he grew up.

Makhan’s life changed when he fell one day, accidentally hitting his head on a wall. The impact caused Makhan to suffer a subdural hematoma. He was hospitalized and required a craniotomy due to the injury.

For his recovery, Makhan chose Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. His case manager and physician at the acute care hospital both recommended NCRH.

“My time at NCRH has been nothing but great,” Makhan stated. “Everyone has been so nice, and I have no complaints!”

Makhan looks forward to returning home to his family and can’t wait to spend time with his grandchildren.

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Jesse Martinez

Jesse Martinez trusted both NCLTAH and NCRH with his care after suffering from a subdural hematoma and acute respiratory failure.

Jesse Martinez is 57 years old and lived in Denver, Colorado, working full-time for the city. He spends all the time he can with his family. He and his wife, Dawn, have three daughters and two grandchildren. Jesse taps into his creative side through music and used to work as a DJ. He also loves making art and enjoys watching football. He’s a huge Raiders fan.

On a day like any other, Jesse started experiencing a horrible headache. He went to an acute care hospital where they told Jesse he was suffering from a subdural hematoma and acute respiratory failure. His family chose to continue his recovery at Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital.

Jesse was appreciative of the support he received from the staff. “Everybody was so positive and helpful! The housekeeping staff always made me feel at home. The doctors and nurses were so positive.”

Although he improved, Jesse wasn’t quite ready to return home. He transferred to Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital to begin rehab. He was just as impressed with the NCRH staff as he was with NCLTAH. “Every staff member was so friendly and nice! I didn’t have one bad experience, and everyone always made me feel comfortable. When I went home, I really missed everyone. They were just like my family.”

Jesse discharged home in July and moved to Loveland, Colorado, with his family. He is now retired, enjoying his peaceful life with his family. He’s happy to be around music again and is fixing up an old Chevy 1964.

“If it wasn’t for getting my care at these two facilities, I don’t know where I would be,” Jesse stated.

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Nathan Abelein

“The therapy was so interactive and fun! The entire staff was always cheering me on!”

Nathan Abelein, 55 years old, lives in Berthoud, Colorado, with his wife, Merrelyn. They have lived there for 22 of their 31 years of marriage. They have a couple of acres of property that they look after. Nathan works as an electrical engineer and enjoys playing ice hockey, scuba diving, and hiking. He loves spending quality time with his two children as well.

In September of 2021, Nathan became weak. He felt tired, started coughing, had no appetite, and developed a fever. Concerned with his worsening condition, he decided to go to the acute care hospital. There they put him on a ventilator for six weeks due to acute respiratory failure from COVID-19.

Once Nathan stabilized, he transitioned to a long-term acute hospital. Even after his time there, he needed more rehabilitation before going home. He chose Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital for their exceptional reputation and recommendation from his nurses and case manager. He heard great things about their care from friends that were former patients.

During Nathan’s time at NCRH, the staff impressed him with their consistent support. “Jack Hawvermale, RN, was very attentive, communicated all the time, and went above and beyond. Madeline Roach, RN, always went out of her way to help. Emma Martin, PCT, was phenomenal and very genuine! Dr. Arrogante was very thorough and had fantastic communication!  Dr. Asadi would always talk to me at breakfast and cheer me on!”

Nathan is returning home soon and hopes to walk independently and come off oxygen by discharge day. He made great progress and is currently walking with a walker. Upon reflection of his care at NCRH, Nathan stated, “The therapy was so interactive and fun! The entire staff was always cheering me on! It’s a long road to my recovery, but I will be coming back for outpatient therapy at NCRH!”

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Brand Gould

“I went from being frozen, unable to move, to walking all over!”

Married for 16 years, Brand Gould and his wife Kelli live in Denver, CO. Now retired, he likes to stay very active. He enjoys hiking, mountaineering, bicycling, snowboarding and loves to play his acoustic guitar. He also enjoys traveling and stays social with friends and family.

One day in October 2021, Brand was riding his bike and had a bad accident. He ran into a concrete obstruction and suffered a shoulder injury, broken ribs, and a femur fracture. He chose to come to Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital for intensive rehabilitation. His friend, a physical therapist, highly recommended NCRH. She explained, “The physical and occupational therapists are the best in the state and have top-rated success stories!”

From the start of his time at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital, Brand stayed dedicated to his recovery. He said, “From day one, I knew I picked the right place!” Brand appreciated all the support he received from his care team. “Dr. Witek was very patient, knowledgeable, friendly, and answered all my questions. I loved the nurses; they were all great and professional.”

During his rehabilitation, Brand’s therapists encouraged him. He explained, “The physical and occupational therapists are so knowledgeable and have great teamwork. It has been a lot of fun working with them! I also loved how they educated my wife as part of the program.”

After working hard each day with his team of caregivers, Brand started to see real progress. “My improvement has been phenomenal! I went from being frozen, unable to move, to moving all over independently!” Brand looks forward to getting home where he can sleep in his own bed, cook, and play his guitar again. With a long road ahead of him, he plans on taking his recovery one day at a time.

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Sheila Lerch

After her stroke, Sheila could hardly move her right arm and leg.

Sheila Lerch is 93 years old. She loves playing bridge with her friends and spends a lot of time with her three children. Currently, she lives with her son in Chesterfield, Missouri. Because of her big heart, her favorite thing to do is help others.

One day Sheila was out visiting her daughter in Estes Park, where she suffered a stroke. She could hardly move her right arm and leg. Her neurologist told her that she would never walk again. Determined not to give up, she was ready to prove him wrong.

Sheila’s family chose for her to continue her recovery at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. They heard great things about their care and read great reviews. Sheila’s case manager at the acute care hospital recommended NCRH for their stroke program. NCRH has received the Joint Commission’s disease-specific certification for stroke rehabilitation. This certification signifies the hospital’s dedication to developing better results for their patients.

Impressed from day one, Sheila loved working with her care team. She said, “The staff was so nice! Dr. Witek was very positive and saw me daily. The nurses took great care of me, and the therapists are excellent!”

After working hard towards her recovery goals, Sheila is now walking with a walker! She looks forward to getting home to her family and friends. Grateful that she can walk again, Sheila appreciates NCRH and all their help in her recovery. Sheila sure did prove her neurologist wrong. Miracles do come true!

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Amber Leach

After contracting COVID-19 and suffering respiratory failure, Amber Leach chose NCLTAH & NCRH for her recovery

Amber Leach, 44, lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She works for the state as a data analyst and loves her job. She is very active and stays social in her community. Amber explained, “I am very blessed with a great family and friends!” She enjoys being outdoors camping, fishing, riding horses, and participating in shooting sports. She also volunteers for the Cheyenne Frontier Days. Both her brother and sister live in Cheyenne, and her parents live in Nebraska.

After attending a large wedding as a bridesmaid, Amber started feeling very tired. Later she developed a headache and fever. She contracted COVID-19 and suffered from acute respiratory failure. Her condition required a ventilator to support her breathing.

Amber chose Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital to assist with her ventilator weaning. It was key that the facility was close to her home. This way, she could have the support of her friends and family nearby. She also read the great reviews that NCLTAH received on their website.

During her stay, Amber was appreciative of the care and attention she received. She stated, “The staff is amazing and so encouraging! Nursing went out of their way to meet my needs, and everyone has such a positive attitude.” She then transitioned to Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital due to loving the facility and it being just down the hall. She stated, “Everyone has the most positive attitudes!”

Amber looks forward to returning home to see her family, especially her new niece and nephews. She will continue working on her goals to get back to doing what she loves, being outdoors. She said, “I’m just continuing on this uphill road and thank these facilities for all the help!” 

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Linda Flores

Linda Flores appreciated the hard work and encouragement from her care team while she recovered from a stroke.

Linda Flores and her husband Steven have lived in Loveland, Colorado for the past eight years. Married for 49 years, Linda and Steven love to spend time with their three children and three grandchildren. In her retirement, Linda enjoys gardening, being a homemaker, and camping in her motorhome.

Linda suffered a right posterior cerebral artery stroke and chose to recover at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. She heard great things about their care and knew it would be easier for her family to recover closer to home.

Immediately impressed with her team of therapists, Linda felt motivated to work hard every day. She stated, “The therapists are very dedicated. They kept encouraging me and they are all so patient and very positive! The nurses, PCTs, and doctors were excellent. They are available at all times showing incredible teamwork.”

Linda is thankful to everyone at NCRH for their hard work, determination, and emotional support. As she continues her recovery at home, Linda looks forward to picking up old hobbies like gardening. She’s also excited to be around her family and dogs once again.

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Louis Rivera

After his motorcycle accident in New Orleans, Louis was relieved to find NCRH so he could recover close to home.

Retired at age 69, Louis Rivera lives in Windsor, CO with his spouse of 51 years. He loves to spend time with his daughter, son, and three grandchildren. In retirement, he has more time to focus on his hobbies. These include participating in the Knights of Columbus, fishing, camping, traveling, riding his motorcycle, and doing yard work. One day on the way to a Knights on Bikes rally his life took a turn.

While riding through New Orleans, Louis got into a motorcycle accident that left him with multiple injuries including a right lateral malleolus fracture. After receiving care from an acute hospital in Louisiana, Louis had to plan his return home. Part of the plan included finding a rehabilitation hospital where he could continue his recovery.

Louis’s case manager helped him find Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. Since NCRH was close to home, his family spoke to friends of theirs that were former patients. They all stated that it is the best place in Northern Colorado for inpatient rehabilitation.

With his family there to support him, Louis began his long-term recovery at NCRH. He stated, “God, faith, saying the rosary every day, friends praying, and the caring staff was what influenced my recovery the most.”

Louis’s team of therapists encouraged him to achieve his recovery goals. “The staff was always so sincere, had a positive attitude, and were willing to help me anytime. The nurses are always here for me and always happy and sincere. The therapists are amazing and have a great sense of humor! Dr. Witek was great!”

Louis made great progress in his recovery and looks forward to returning home soon. He will continue his recovery with outpatient therapy at NCRH. Ready to get back to everyday life, he has plans to go camping in South Dakota this summer. 

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Butch Anderson

Butch built a life he loved but was met with complications after an elective spinal surgery that required continued care.

Butch Anderson has lived a fulfilling life, one he describes as fantastic! At 75-years-old, he lives in Brush, CO with his dog, Maggie, where he owns and operates a contract handyman business. In his spare time, Butch enjoys fishing, camping, and spending time with his son.

Recently, the life Butch built and came to love had to pause for elective spinal surgery. The surgery addressed his cervical myelopathy, or compression of the spinal cord in the neck. Unfortunately, Butch experienced complications post-surgery including acute hypoxic respiratory failure that required extended care.

Butch’s physician recommended Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. He and his family did their research and spoke with a liaison from the hospital. When Butch learned that NCRH is ranked in the Top 10% of inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in the United States, his decision was made.

“With that kind of award, you know you will be getting a great facility,” Butch stated.

When Butch first arrived at NCRH, he was anxious that his condition would not improve. “I came in wondering if I would ever return home, but NCRH helped me to really understand that I could!” He worked hard with his team of therapists and appreciated their support and dedication to his recovery.

“Speech therapy helped me so much and gave me wonderful resources and great education. Dr. Witek was great and came to visit me every day. I enjoyed his positive attitude.”

After a month at NCRH, Butch has made great progress. He explained, “I have not met anyone here that I don’t respect. Everyone goes above and beyond to help!” Excited to return home, Butch looks forward to picking up his old hobbies and can’t wait to be back with his beloved dog.

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Berniece Nadeau

Berniece regained her independence at NCRH after suffering from COVID-19.

Berniece Nadeau, 62, lives in Fort Morgan, Colorado with her husband and their two chihuahuas. She and her husband love spending time with their two children and four grandchildren. In her free time, she likes walking her dogs and camping in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. 

One day Berniece started experiencing symptoms including fever, chills, and respiratory issues. Her brother came over that day to visit and found her on the floor. He immediately called an ambulance and she was rushed to the hospital. There she was diagnosed with COVID-19, pneumonia, and acute hypoxemic respiratory failure.

Unable to make the decision herself, Berniece’s family stepped in and chose to transfer her to Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital. Two of her family members were previous patients and knew NCLTAH would take good care of her. Sadie, Berniece’s daughter stated, “We chose the facility due to the success rate and how great we know it is! I also love that it has all the levels of care we need to get her home.”

While working through her recovery at NCLTAH, Berniece stated, “I really enjoy the two physicians, Dr. Pearson and Dr. Masotti. They are very competent and knowledgeable.” With their support, she was able to progress enough to be transferred to Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital.

Berniece started the inpatient therapy program with NCRH and was confident in the staff’s ability to get her back to better. “There are so many great PCT’s and nurses that were so encouraging and wonderful! The respiratory therapists were great and very knowledgeable. The staff kept me very motivated and were always so positive. The housekeeping staff and kitchen staff were amazing! They would always go out of their way to help me. I loved that they would all go the extra mile! Overall, it was a great experience!”

After nearly two months at NCLTAH and NCRH, Berniece discharged home, excited to return to her husband and her dogs. She will continue her recovery with outpatient therapy at NCRH. As an outpatient, Berniece will work on building her strength and endurance with physical and occupational therapy.

Berniece has specific goals as she continues to recover.  Before her hospitalization, Berniece was walking her dogs all the time. Her ultimate goal is to walk them again without needing an assistive device. She would also like to start volunteering with foster children in the future.

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Debbie Seader

After suffering a fall and contracting an infection, Debbie Seader needed rehabilitation before she could safely return home.

Married with two children and five grandchildren, Debbie Seader has always enjoyed taking care of her family. She stays busy with her hobbies like reading, traveling, and watching her favorite TV shows. Her faith is very important to her, so she also spends her time going to church and reading her bible.

Debbie’s life changed one December day after waking up in the middle of the night and falling. She was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with MSSA bacteremia tricuspid valve endocarditis. Because of continuing complications, her hospital stay was prolonged.

After a recommendation from the hospital, Debbie chose to be transferred to the Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. She was impressed with the staff and appreciated their support.

“I love the positive attitudes of everyone at NCRH. They are all so friendly and kind! The therapists are always letting me know how well I am doing. The nurses and PCT’s are wonderful. They are always available to help and very kind. Dr. Arrogante and Dr. Asadi are very competent. They are always communicating with me every day.”

When Debbie first started her recovery, she could hardly lift her arms and now she is walking with a walker. “The therapists are providing me with various exercises that keep me working hard, it’s never boring and they are making sure I get to go home.”

Debbie looks forward to her home assessment and is planned to discharge at the end of the month. Excited to reunite with her family, Debbie’s ultimate goal is to walk without her walker and be able to do the stairs. 

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