Debbie Seader

After suffering a fall and contracting an infection, Debbie Seader needed rehabilitation before she could safely return home.

Married with two children and five grandchildren, Debbie Seader has always enjoyed taking care of her family. She stays busy with her hobbies like reading, traveling, and watching her favorite TV shows. Her faith is very important to her, so she also spends her time going to church and reading her bible.

Debbie’s life changed one December day after waking up in the middle of the night and falling. She was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with MSSA bacteremia tricuspid valve endocarditis. Because of continuing complications, her hospital stay was prolonged.

After a recommendation from the hospital, Debbie chose to be transferred to the Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. She was impressed with the staff and appreciated their support.

“I love the positive attitudes of everyone at NCRH. They are all so friendly and kind! The therapists are always letting me know how well I am doing. The nurses and PCT’s are wonderful. They are always available to help and very kind. Dr. Arrogante and Dr. Asadi are very competent. They are always communicating with me every day.”

When Debbie first started her recovery, she could hardly lift her arms and now she is walking with a walker. “The therapists are providing me with various exercises that keep me working hard, it’s never boring and they are making sure I get to go home.”

Debbie looks forward to her home assessment and is planned to discharge at the end of the month. Excited to reunite with her family, Debbie’s ultimate goal is to walk without her walker and be able to do the stairs.