Donald Holland

Donal’s extensive injuries left him in need of rehabilitation

Donald Holland is a 56-year-old widower who has enjoyed his time traveling the country as a semi-trailer truck driver. When he’s not driving his truck, Donald enjoys playing golf and caring for his four cats and four parrots. But while driving from Virginia to California, he was involved in a major motor vehicle accident when another vehicle pulled in front of him near the Nebraska-Wyoming border.

Donald arrived in a nearby emergency room with extensive injuries. His injuries included four broken ribs, broken bones in his hand, two broken fingers, a crack to his left leg bone, and a shattered pelvis.

His doctors told him that it was a miracle he hadn’t been paralyzed.

Because of his extensive injuries, Donald’s doctors recommended inpatient medical rehabilitation as his next step. He was referred to Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital to begin his recovery.

What remained of Donald’s truck following his accident

Still far away from his hometown of Sacramento, California, Donald found a great support system in the Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital team. “The staff have been so friendly and go out of their way to make me feel comfortable,” he shared. “The nursing staff went above and beyond, spending time with me. One nurse even brought me candy! Dr. Witek has been awesome, really paying attention to everything I say to him. Dr. Asadi makes sure to say ‘hi’ and see if I’m doing alright. Both physicians are very attentive and detail-oriented.”

Donald also credits his therapists for making him work hard to reach his rehab goals. Now, Donald is excited to get back to his normal routine. He’s looking forward to driving his truck again, caring for his pets at home, and enjoying a game of golf someday soon!