Doug Harsha

Doug looks forward to walking his daughter down the aisle without an assistive device

Doug Harsha had big plans. His daughter was getting married, and the father of the bride looked forward to walking her down the aisle.

But as Doug looked forward to that special day, his plans were interrupted. On February 1st, Doug had a stroke at his home in Loveland, Colorado.

Before his stroke, Doug lived an active and independent life, working as a network engineer contractor for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The 70-year-old loves following SpaceX, reading, having coffee with friends, and going to church. Doug and his wife, Jonni, have been married for 37 years and have two daughters.

While in the acute care hospital, it became clear Doug wouldn’t be able to resume his active lifestyle without intensive rehabilitation. A physician friend recommended Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital, a Stroke Center of Excellence.

Doug and Jonni are glad they followed their friend’s recommendation.

“I really enjoyed the therapists. They were so loving and professional!” Doug stated. “The nursing staff was always prompt with response time, provided excellent care, and always made me feel comfortable.”

“I worked so well with all the staff and made huge strides to get home.”

Excited to get home, Doug has continued to make big plans. He can’t wait for his daughter’s wedding and intends to walk her down the aisle with no assistive device! Doug also looks forward to more traveling adventures with his beloved Jonni.