Janet Smith

Janet is reunited with Daisey after recovering from a stroke at NCRH

Janet Smith, 79, moved to Windsor, Colorado in 2018 to be closer to her three daughters and five grandchildren. Before the move, Janet lived in Idaho with her husband, who passed away. She loves living in her retirement community where she attends church, exercise classes, and does water aerobics. Janet also walks two miles a day with her dog, Daisey, and enjoys making chocolate chip cookies and eating ice cream, and the company of her many friends.

During one of her exercise classes, Janet began to feel unwell. Thankfully, a retired nurse in the class made sure Janet got medical attention. Brought to the acute care hospital, Janet was diagnosed with a stroke and left-sided weakness.

Upon discharge from the acute care hospital, Janet chose Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital for her recovery. The rehab hospital is close both to Janet’s home and her family.

“Every employee was so nice and happy!” Janet said about her time and NCRH. She sang the praises of every department. “The food was great! The kitchen staff was so happy and always more than willing to accommodate my diet preferences! The therapy was so fun! Everyone was always smiling. And the nurses were wonderful, attentive, and happy. They would always make me feel like more than just a patient, but a friend!”

“I just loved how every one of the staff members always cared about my experience and asked questions to ensure I was doing well my entire stay.”

Having made significant improvements, Janet excitedly discharged home to Daisey. To continue advancing her recovery, Janet completed outpatient therapy at NCRH. She keeps her exercises on the fridge at her apartment, has resumed walking two miles per day, and is enjoying life with her friends and family.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better place to go. I recommend NCRH for the positive atmosphere!”