Jim McHugh

The rare combination of Parkinson’s disease and myasthenia gravis left Jim McHugh severely deconditioned and in need of rehabilitation.

Retired life was treating Jim McHugh quite well. The 79-year-old spent his working years in healthcare management and as a physical therapist. Jim lives in Loveland, CO with his wife and son. He has four children and ten grandchildren that he loves spending time with. His hobbies include reading books and riding bikes, especially his recumbent bike. Retirement has afforded Jim the time to enjoy the people and things he loves so much.

Unfortunately, Jim has also spent that time battling not one, but two neurological conditions. Jim lives with both Parkinson’s disease and myasthenia gravis, an incredibly rare combination. Over time, Jim developed severe, generalized deconditioning. The overwhelming weakness led him to a local acute care hospital. The hospital referred Jim for rehabilitation to help restore his strength and independence.

Jim chose Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. A former patient, Jim was pleased with the care he received, and his outcomes. It was also a convenient choice. Jim lives just eight minutes from the hospital, making it easy for his wife to visit each day. Family support, led by Jim’s wife, had a big impact on his recovery. As did Jim’s background in rehabilitation. He understood the system well and was motivated to work hard.

“I was very impressed with the cohesiveness of the team,” Jim said when asked about his stay. “Everyone had excellent communication! The admissions office coordinated everything well for getting me into the facility. The way everyone worked together and the expertise of the therapists were the reasons we always chose to come back to NCRH. Everyone that works here loves their job. It really shows!”

One of the things Jim loved most about NCRH was the sendoff each patient receives from the staff.

“At the end of a patient’s stay, they do a standing ovation where all the staff applauds each patient as they leave the facility. This recognizes every patient individually and their success! This is such a delightful moment and I look forward to mine again Sunday!”

Sunday came and Jim discharged home with his wife. But Jim’s not done with NCRH. He chose to continue his recovery with the hospital’s outpatient program. Jim participated in the outpatient program before, with great satisfaction. “The therapists are great with getting involved with my care as an individual and really pushing me to meet my goals!”

Jim’s goals find their roots in his plans for the future. “I have a lot more to do in life and I know that success is solely about motivation and I have that! I owe it to my wife for all the motivation and love she has given to me!”