Brand Gould

“I went from being frozen, unable to move, to walking all over!”

Married for 16 years, Brand Gould and his wife Kelli live in Denver, CO. Now retired, he likes to stay very active. He enjoys hiking, mountaineering, bicycling, snowboarding and loves to play his acoustic guitar. He also enjoys traveling and stays social with friends and family.

One day in October 2021, Brand was riding his bike and had a bad accident. He ran into a concrete obstruction and suffered a shoulder injury, broken ribs, and a femur fracture. He chose to come to Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital for intensive rehabilitation. His friend, a physical therapist, highly recommended NCRH. She explained, “The physical and occupational therapists are the best in the state and have top-rated success stories!”

From the start of his time at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital, Brand stayed dedicated to his recovery. He said, “From day one, I knew I picked the right place!” Brand appreciated all the support he received from his care team. “Dr. Witek was very patient, knowledgeable, friendly, and answered all my questions. I loved the nurses; they were all great and professional.”

During his rehabilitation, Brand’s therapists encouraged him. He explained, “The physical and occupational therapists are so knowledgeable and have great teamwork. It has been a lot of fun working with them! I also loved how they educated my wife as part of the program.”

After working hard each day with his team of caregivers, Brand started to see real progress. “My improvement has been phenomenal! I went from being frozen, unable to move, to moving all over independently!” Brand looks forward to getting home where he can sleep in his own bed, cook, and play his guitar again. With a long road ahead of him, he plans on taking his recovery one day at a time.