Norma Prince

Norma Prince chose the certified stroke program at NCRH for her post-stroke recovery

A full-time mechanical engineer, Norma Prince leads teams that design medical devices. The 57-year-old has always been very active. Norma has been married for 33 years and has a 25-year-old son. Beyond her family and work, Norma’s hobbies include reading, hiking, and biking.

One day at home, Norma began experiencing headaches, followed by weakness on her left side. Concerned, she sought medical evaluation. Tests provided a diagnosis. Norma suffered a right frontal-parietal intracranial hemorrhage, a type of brain bleed.

Once stabilized, Norma needed rehabilitation before she could safely return home. A friend who participated in outpatient therapy at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital (NCRH) recommended the facility. Additionally, the stroke specialty program at NCRH is certified by The Joint Commission. Norma decided that NCRH was the right choice for the next stage of her recovery.

Norma’s experience at NCRH has been even better than she expected.

“The care has been excellent!” Norma shared. “They have the most updated rehab equipment, which has helped with my recovery. The food is exceptional!”

The staff at NCRH also stood out to Norma.

“Dr. Arrogante listens well and cares about my recovery. The physical and occupational therapists have been outstanding, and all have very positive attitudes. They are always cheering me on! Every one of the staff members has been great and really have genuinely taken an interest in my recovery. Even the cafeteria and housekeeping staff make you feel welcome and take an interest in your recovery. And since my mother was a PCT, I really appreciate everything the PCTs do here at NCRH. They are all very dedicated to their job.”

Norma looks forward to getting back to working and hiking. After discharging from NCRH, she returned for outpatient physical and occupational therapies. “I was able to walk with a walker after a short time thanks to the guidance and expertise of the inpatient physical and occupational therapists. I’m now working with the outpatient therapists to walk on my own. I highly recommend Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital for stroke recovery,” she shared with a smile.