On the Mend!

In early September, Patrick and his wife Julie were washing windows on Sierra Sage Lane. Patrick has washed windows for over 25 years full time, and was confident that his safety line was secure. Unfortunately, the glass his safety line was suction cupped to, shattered, sending him to the pavement 20ft below.

Soon his wife was at his side, as she heard the glass shatter from upstairs. Patrick gives thanks to his wife, the homeowner (a nurse), and first responders for quickly coming to his aid. He also thanks the Emergency team at Estes Park Medical, the Trauma team at Medical Center of the Rockies and Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital.

A fall of this distance could have been fatal, but thankfully Patrick only suffered a shattered left hip and wrist, and a broken nose. Patrick has a few months to go before he can put any weight on his left side. Since arriving home in late September, Patrick is learning afresh, how to get around.

Given the nature of Patrick’s profession, the plan moving forward on how to continue earning a living is far from clear. It may not be until spring before they know for sure if the husband and wife duo will be able to continue the same work.

“We consider all our customers to be friends and appreciate their trust in us. And we know there are many others in our community that we consider friends as well,” says Patrick. “We also want to thank those who heard of the accident and have been praying for us. There is an account set up at Bank of Colorado if you want to help financially.”

Patrick & Julie & Joseph Cramer, 970-213-3409