Robert George

After suffering a stroke, Robert George chose the certified stroke program at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital for his recovery

Robert George, 73, enjoys retired life in Loveland, CO. Robert spent his career teaching, in the air force, and as an electrical engineer. In retirement, he enjoys keeping active by swimming, bicycling, and doing yard work. He also enjoys building and flying model airplanes and is an amateur in astronomy. Robert has even built telescopes throughout the years. Volunteering at a hospital in the Loveland area is near to his heart. Robert is part of a group called SAINTS, which takes care of disabled patients.

At home one evening, Robert started experiencing dizziness, confusion, and left-sided weakness. He had suffered an acute ischemic cerebrovascular accident, also known as a CVA or stroke.

After his stroke, Robert was in need of rehabilitation. He chose Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. Robert was familiar with NCRH, as both he and his spouse were prior patients. “The NCRH staff are well-qualified for stroke patients, and very friendly,” Robert noted. “They are Stroke Certified by The Joint Commission, which when you have a stroke is where you want to be.”

Throughout his stay, Robert’s experiences reinforced his decision to choose NCRH.

Robert found encouragement in his fellow patients. “I have met another stroke patient here, and this has been my greatest motivation,” Robert shared. “We have become friends and have learned how to get through this together!”

The staff at NCRH impressed Robert, as well. “The OT, PT and ST are integrated and all have the same goal of ensuring progress,” he said. “The whole organization works as a team and everyone helps each other. The medical staff is great at cheering me on and making sure I am on target to reach my goal of going home!”

As he worked in therapy, Robert’s motivation was getting back home. Having achieved that goal, Robert has set a new target: resuming his hobbies. “I came [to NCRH] and I couldn’t walk or speak. Now, I can speak and walk!”