Sharon Benson

Sharon knew immediately NCRH was the place to recover from the injuries she sustained in a car accident

Last year, Sharon Benson retired from working full-time. She’s enjoyed retirement and kept busy with small jobs such as delivering food, house- and dog-sitting, and doing photography for a local business. The 66-year-old lives on a half-acre in Greeley, where she enjoys gardening, repairing yard equipment, and fixing up her house.

Then one day, Sharon was in a car accident. Hit on the driver’s side, she sustained a traumatic brain injury, rib fractures, and a pulmonary contusion.

Sharon knew where she wanted to be for her recovery: Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. “It’s the best place around!” she said. “The best therapy. The best outcomes. Highly-educated staff. And lower nurse-to-patient ratio.”

Such lofty expectations may sometimes be hard to achieve. But Sharon is thrilled with her experience at NCRH.

“The therapists turned my world upside down in a good way. They always explained what they were doing. They were very thorough and always gave me good input for my desired outcome of going home. Dr. Witek went out of his way to get me the proper medication education and always had good follow-up. Dr. Asadi, too, had great communication and follow-through.”

“The nursing staff was there for me 24/7. Always introducing themselves, listening to me, explaining and educating well. And the PCTs were so fast in answering call lights!”

Even when challenges presented themselves, Sharon felt safe in the care of the staff.

“During the time I was here, I did have concerning breathing issues. But the entire team was always there for me and gave me the best support.”

With her rehab stay complete, Sharon returned home. She is excited to continue enjoying her retirement, working in her yard, driving, and walking her dog.