Sheila Lerch

After her stroke, Sheila could hardly move her right arm and leg.

Sheila Lerch is 93 years old. She loves playing bridge with her friends and spends a lot of time with her three children. Currently, she lives with her son in Chesterfield, Missouri. Because of her big heart, her favorite thing to do is help others.

One day Sheila was out visiting her daughter in Estes Park, where she suffered a stroke. She could hardly move her right arm and leg. Her neurologist told her that she would never walk again. Determined not to give up, she was ready to prove him wrong.

Sheila’s family chose for her to continue her recovery at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. They heard great things about their care and read great reviews. Sheila’s case manager at the acute care hospital recommended NCRH for their stroke program. NCRH has received the Joint Commission’s disease-specific certification for stroke rehabilitation. This certification signifies the hospital’s dedication to developing better results for their patients.

Impressed from day one, Sheila loved working with her care team. She said, “The staff was so nice! Dr. Witek was very positive and saw me daily. The nurses took great care of me, and the therapists are excellent!”

After working hard towards her recovery goals, Sheila is now walking with a walker! She looks forward to getting home to her family and friends. Grateful that she can walk again, Sheila appreciates NCRH and all their help in her recovery. Sheila sure did prove her neurologist wrong. Miracles do come true!