Valerie Kline

Valerie Kline is using her Alinker walking bike again after recovering from COVID-19.

Valerie Kline lived an active life prior to her recent hospitalization. She worked as a full-time rehabilitation manager at an acute care hospital. Valerie, 62, enjoys cooking, reading, and bike riding on her recumbent trike. She uses an Alinker walking bike due to impaired mobility from multiple sclerosis. Valerie also loves spending time with her two sons and two granddaughters, traveling to historic places, and visiting monasteries.

One April day Valerie began to feel nauseous. A few days later, shortness of breath set in and she developed a fever. Valerie got progressively weaker to the point where she couldn’t move. She called an ambulance which transported her to the acute care hospital. Doctors diagnosed her with acute respiratory failure and administered a COVID-19 test.

The test came back positive.

After two weeks in the acute care hospital, Valerie healed enough to transition to a lower level of care. She chose Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital to help her transition home. Valerie was familiar with NCRH from visiting when the hospital opened in 2005. That visit impressed Valerie. She also knew some of the therapists working at NCRH, and her kids live in the area.

“I can’t think of one single complaint,” Valerie said of her experience at NCRH. “Everyone was very kind, caring, and attentive. [They have] great therapists that are highly experienced and kept me moving toward my goal of improved mobility to go home.”

One of the things that most impressed Valerie was the involvement of Brenda Simon, the hospital CEO. “Brenda took time to get know me and cared about my recovery,” Valerie recalled. “She was very open and I loved the strong presence she had in the hospital. She would make rounds through the rehab gym and hand out treats to the patients!”

Valerie believes there are several phases to her success, but the most important was returning to her active life. Her main goal for rehab was to transfer on-and-off her Alinker walking bike to walk again, which she achieved! Valerie’s belief in “seeing the good everywhere you go” helped fuel her recovery. Valerie has discharged home from NCRH and resumed working full-time.