Joe Trujillo

Joe and Roxana developed a family-like bond with the staff at NCRH while he recovered from a stroke.

Before his health took a turn for the worse, Joe Trujillo was enjoying life. Joe worked as a team leader in x-ray film production and enjoyed riding his motorcycle and going camping. Joe, 63, has been married to Roxana for 38 years. Together, they have six children, nine grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Joe’s difficult health journey began when he was diagnosed with a carotid body tumor. This is a mass that grows in the blood vessels near the large arteries in either side of the neck. Treatment involved surgery to remove the tumor. But after surgery, things only got worse for Joe when he suffered a stroke.

Following the stroke, Joe’s prognosis was poor. Doctors at the acute care hospital began preparing Roxana for the likelihood that Joe wouldn’t survive. But a few days later, Joe awoke. He told Roxana that he loved her and wanted to go home.

The therapy department at the short-term acute care hospital recommended that Joe complete a stay at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. The intensive rehab program at NCRH would help Joe to make a safe transition home as he recovered from the stroke.

“I am so grateful they took care of me,” Joe said about his inpatient stay at NCRH. “They have now become my family. I just love the people that work here!”

As he prepares to discharge from NCRH, Joe looks forward to returning home and to his everyday routine. With a supportive spouse like Roxana, as well as a supportive family, Joe is well-equipped for a successful recovery journey.